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What do you do if your client won't pay your invoice?!

Updated: May 30

As freelancers this is probably more common than you think and it is rarely reflective of the work you have completed.

So what can you do?

  • The first thing is to try an contact them again, e-mail, phone, text as there may have been a communication issue. Try not to lose your temper, these things are best dealt with calmly as your reputation is something you have spent so long building.

  • Keep copies of all correspondence

  • Issue a 'final notice' and remind the client they could incur late fees and the possibility of third party involvement.

  • IF for whatever reason you cannot come to some agreement contact your insurance provider or contact a small claims consultant.

Dinghy Insurance for freelancers offer this as part of their service alongside the general use of the insurance i.e. if you make a ff up.. or if you accidentally break or lose something and it can work out to be as little as 35p pd! Peace of mind in our books..

If you want to sign up to Dinghy or check out the cost click here and you could even grab yourself a £10 Amazon voucher as a bonus!


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