LMN... What? Who?

Hi Everyone, Welcome to the London Mums Network's first ever blog post!

To start with let me introduce myself, my name is Sarah Donaghey, I’m a mum with 2 children 4 & 1 and I’m also a freelance Social Media Manager, oh yes and I forgot I also have a new addition ... a dog! Yes, because obviously I didn’t have enough to do so my husband in his wisdom thought it a good idea if we had a dog! (that’s another story for another day!)

I’d like to give you a quick background on how LMN came about, so here goes –

I set up LMN when pregnant with my second child in November 2016, and I’ve been growing it ever since (that was our original branding)...

LMN started off the back of adversity... you know the saying ‘when faced with adversity’ and ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’... I know cliché and maybe I have Jack Russell complex and need to prove myself... but that’s the truth of the matter, that shit works for me... slightly worried now I’m writing this down... but I digress...

I’d worked in media and broadcast all my life and after having my first child, I knew my time in the corporate world was soon to be over, drop offs, pick-ups, expectations... we’ve all been there. So I retrained as a Digital Mum.. yes we are EVERYWHERE!

I graduated in March 2016, which happened to be remarkable good timing, because when I found out I was pregnant with my second child, my contract was terminated immediately…. (don’t worry HR was certainly involved Grr). So yes, sadly I became a statistic!

BUT not to worry as I had my new training... Right??? Well sort of... Looking after my first child and being pregnant with my second… unless clients were going to knock on my door, which obv doesn’t happen, I knew I had to get out there to mingle... One big problem!! Hold on what do I do with my daughter?! Hmm… and that, to cut a long story short ladies, was the 'hey presto' moment when London Mums Network was conceived..

LMN has truly been my inspiration and at each event I have met the most amazingly creative and hard working women, and all whilst looking after their children!

My eldest is off to school in September, and I have a little bit of childcare for my youngest, although I’m more keen than she is... >>incoming mum guilt<<< … So my babies are growing up... and I now feel it’s also time for LMN to also grow…

I have put my head together with a few other absolutely fantastic mums, and we are hatching great plan…



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