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5 tips for Mumpreneurs by Mona Kay

You are smart, you are creative, and you want to start your own business … but you are also a mother!

I am not saying this as if motherhood is a bad thing. On the contrary! You learn very sturdy skills when you are a mother, and you can use all those skills in creating your own business.

It can be hectic to be an entrepreneur and a mum at the same time, since you naturally tend to give priority to your children more than anything else. But it is do-able. It is not impossible.

Here are our 5 tips to excel at being a “mumpreneur”!

1. Do what you love

It is so important to know exactly what your area of business will be. It could be mentoring, making creative arts or even blogging. Just ensure it is something you are passionate about.

If you aren’t sure what you are good at, talk to family members, close friends and even other mumpreneurs. They will be able to fish out any talents you have that you aren’t aware of! Make a list of those talents or skills and share it with people whom you trust.

2. Check if your niche sells

Before developing your website, printing your business cards and telling everybody about it, make sure that your service or product will sell well. You would waste a lot of time, effort and money if nobody is familiar with what you are selling!

Do a lot of research. You can ask a marketing or business coach to give you the best advice. Also, if there are any non-profit associations linked to your niche, approach them and ask for guidance.

3. Always learn and develop yourself

You may be “talented” or a professional in what you do, but that never means that you should stop there. Continuous learning in your field is highly recommended, so always keep an eye on what’s new in your industry by attending conferences and local gatherings. In addition to that, equip yourself with other skills like networking, communication, social media marketing and bookkeeping by attending workshops or enrolling in eLearning courses.

4. Managing your time and work

Your kids are an important factor in planning and managing your time, as I’m sure you need to work around their timetable. If they are in nursery or in school, you can easily work during those precious 3-6 hours a day. If you can manage to work while they are napping or sleeping at night, you can guarantee productive work.

Nowadays, it is easy to work at home, co-working spaces or local workshops, depending on the nature of your business. The choice is yours. For task management, set a weekly plan and assign yourself S.M.A.R.T goals. You can use a Kanban board to visualise your tasks.

5. End the stigma around working mothers

When Professor Robert Kelly was interviewed last year on the BBC and his sweet little daughter came dancing into his home office, that footage went viral and infused an international debate about working parents.

Some said that he didn’t take the interview seriously by not locking the door. Some blamed the mother for not holding her children put. Some said he shouldn’t have done the interview at home in the first place!

It is OK to have children and work at the same time. Don’t feel ashamed of your child asking you where their socks are while talking to a client. We are all making a living and raising our families.

And don’t feel guilty for working while you are a mother. I know some people may gossip and say that you should leave everything to take care of your child. But only YOU are the best person to evaluate your capabilities in running a business while taking the responsibility of your children.

Be proud that you are a working mother, encourage other mums to be mumpreneurs, and open a dialogue within your network to end this stigma.

By Mona Kay, L&D Manager, Knowledge Train®






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