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We understand how setting up your own business is TOUGH! Then you add a few smalls into the equation and things get tougher! 


That’s why London Mums Network put’s a huge emphasis on support and collaboration


All events, courses and blogs are run, created and written by mums for working mums.


It’s all about ‘finding your tribe’ and if you’re a mum who needs help with your business we have our arms wide open!

LMN runs many childfriendly (sometimes we even throw in a childminder) networking events all over London. We mainly use spaces which have buggy access and a small corner of toys, so feel free to bring your smalls along!


We organise speakers and workshops, all included in your tickets price, plus free tea and coffee and maybe a biscuit ;)


LMN events provide many business women/mums a chance to network, learn and collaborate with likeminded entrepreneurs.


New for 2018, LMN will start offering online mini workshops to help you grow your business.


When I founded LMN I was heavily pregnant with a toddler in tow.  Trying to kickstart my own business was near to impossible! Forget evenings, husband working late, kids going to bed but not staying there, I think you get the picture. So what was the alternative?? Bingo..got it, try and network during the day! Oh dam, plan was flawed..what do I do with my toddler?! Back to square one and babysitter Cbeebies. Well we all know how that ends, so faced with adversity Ta Da!!! London Mums Network was born. 


A few years on and LMN is going from strength to strength. LMN supports your business through events, online and offline networking and now the addition of business short courses. I hope you find the LMN community as inspiring and supporting as I have!

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